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Insurance for commercial forests

Forestry insurance protects commercial forests against extreme and catastrophic events such as fires, and malicious damage, de-risking forestry assets for their owners and investors.

DUAL Forestry provides market-leading insurance cover for commercial forests. With a focus on the southern hemisphere, we write polices in markets including South Africa, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Southeast Asia, and New Zealand.  

Who we work with

We work with fronting insurers in local markets across the world, serving forest owners, biofuel producers, and investors to provide comprehensive and innovative insurance solutions.  

Working closely with DUAL Group’s global network, we connect local markets to the stability of the London market. 

Our insureds include:

  • Farmers
  • Owners
  • Timber, paper, and pulp producers
  • Pension funds
  • Exotic wood investment
  • Real estate investment funds

What our standard forestry product covers

We insure forests at an agreed value annually, giving your clients certainty in a claim

The key coverages include:

  • FLEXA (fire, lightning, explosion, and aircraft)
  • Windstorm (hurricanes, typhoons, tropical storms, and tornados)
  • Hail
  • Frost
  • Flood
  • Snow and ice storm
  • Malicious damage

Additional coverages

In addition to our standard product, we provide extensions for clients who require extra protection.

Our optional coverages include:

  • Firefighting costs
  • Debris removal costs
  • Aerial photography costs
  • Claims preparation costs
  • Re-establishment costs
  • Plantation infrastructure

The benefits of our value-at-risk product

Our value-at-risk product is an innovative solution that allows clients to maximise the value of their salvage after a loss event.

The advantages of the product include:

  • The opportunity to utilise up to 80% of the value of the lost assets by gaining automatic ownership of the salvage. 
  • Net of Salvage sum insured - Focused cover that only insures the value of the timber which cannot be recovered without affecting the coverage of the undamaged assets.
  • Lower premiums over the duration of the policy.

Why choose DUAL Forestry

Specialist underwriting

With over 35 years’ experience, Managing Director Gordon Steward knows the forestry industry inside-out. Drawing upon our expertise and long-standing relationships in the field, we achieve the best outcome for you and your client.

Adaptive cover

We tailor our policy to suit your client’s needs, ensuring they get the right protection without paying for unnecessary coverage.

Expert risk partners

Our solutions include loss prevention recommendations and risk management advice. We work hard to keep your client’s premiums down and their claims to a minimum.

Meet the team

Photo of Gordon Steward


Gordon Steward
Managing Director
Photo of Gordon Steward

Gordon Steward

Managing Director

Gordon Steward has worked within the UK retail, London market, Lloyd’s and international insurance markets for over 35 years. He is recognised as one of the leading forestry insurance underwriters in this unique class of business and commands an in-depth global knowledge of the forestry industry.

T: +44 7596 855156
E: [email protected]

Trends that are affecting brokers and their clients

Higher premiums

Climate change is making forests more vulnerable to extreme weather risks including floods, high winds, and fires. Clients may find that they have to pay an increased premium to achieve the same level of coverage.

A hardening market

High inflation and the rising cost of timber has led to a hardening of the market. Consequently, insurers are being more selective about who they provide cover for. To ensure they can get the coverage they need, buyers must be able to demonstrate a high degree of risk management.

Squeezed capacity

Hardening markets in the wider economy are indirectly squeezing capacity in forestry. As other markets tighten, property assets such as forests become increasingly attractive to investors.

Common pitfalls people face when buying forestry insurance

Getting a poor valuation

Inaccurate valuations, or the failure to perform one, can leave forests at risk of being underinsured.

Claims inflation and the rising value of stock makes it more likely that insureds do not have enough coverage – they may need to buy more than they are used to.

Performing a quality valuation before buying a policy is essential to ensure owners are properly protected.

DUAL Forestry works closely with you and your client to ensure they receive the coverage they need.

Ineffectual risk management

Poor risk management on a commercial forest can make the risk uninsurable.

With good risk management, insurance can cost a small fraction of the cover limit.

At DUAL, we work with you and your client to create a risk management strategy that keeps claims and premiums to a minimum.

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