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Comprehensive cyber insurance solutions

Cyber insurance protects businesses and individuals from internet-based risks as well as risks relating to information
technology infrastructure. DUAL’s Cyber team bring over 50 years’ experience and through working with the Canopius Cyber Incident Management Team, our policyholders have access to a dedicated Breach Response team.

The Breach Response team includes specialist Lawyers, IT Forensic investigators, Forensic Accountants and Consultants, who all
have significant experience to help ensure the best possible outcome for the Insured.

Your Cyber cover at a glance

Key coverages

  • Network security and privacy liability

    Indemnity for any damages, consumer redress funds, fines, penalties awarded against you in respect of a claim related to a Data Liability Event, Media Liability Event or a Network Security Event.

  • Business interruption loss

    Broad business interruption coverage to make up for lost net profits following Network Interruption


  • Breach response costs

    Access to global 24/7 breach response services including forensics, legal representation, and reputation management.

  • Credit monitoring

    Notification and credit monitoring costs for affected data subjects.

  • Cyber extortion

    Protection against successful and attempted acts of extortion (e.g. ransomware).

  • Data restoration

    Compensation for replacing lost data and programmes.

Additional coverages

  • Cyber crime

    Remuneration for the theft of money and securities following unauthorised access by a third party or employee.

  • Social engineering

    Compensation for funds lost through fraud and manipulation.

  • Reputational harm

    Loss of income due to an adverse media event

  • Bricking

    Reasonable and necessary costs to repair or replace your computer hardware

Discover our coverage

  • Discover our coverage

    Our Cyber solutions are tailored to your needs. 

    Read our full coverage.


Trusted breach response specialists

Businesses can rely on DUAL Cyber in an emergency. Our breach response hotline is open 24/7, ready to spring into action whenever it is needed.

Working with a leading breach response specialist Canopius, our insureds gain access to a dedicated team of experts to minimise the damage and put their business on the road to recovery.

About the team

The DUAL Cyber team has over 50 year’s combined experience, including professionals with a range of technical and commercial underwriting expertise. By case underwriting each risk from a variety of perspectives, we are able to achieve the best possible results for our insureds.

Here to help

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A+ rated capacity

Market-leading coverage, backed by Canopius rated ‘A+’ (Strong) (Standard & Poors).