commercial D&O

Management liability solutions

Directors’ and officers’ insurance (D&O) covers legal costs and damages incurred by employees in management roles as a result of allegations of misconduct.

At DUAL, we believe we provide market-leading D&O insurance to directors, managers, and supervisory boards around the world. Utilising our broad range of Financial Lines products, we offer comprehensive D&O solutions. We also write D&O for Financial Institutions but for that please go to our Financial Lines page.

Who we work with

We believe DUAL has a leading presence in markets including Europe, South America, Asia, and the Middle East. As one of Lloyd’s largest coverholders, we can place risks directly on the Lloyd’s syndicate license where required.

Our insureds include:

  • Energy companies across all sectors (Renewables, Oil & Gas, Utilities)
  • Mining companies
  • Sport Associations and Clubs
  • Software and Tech Companies
  • Companies in all Transport sectors including Aviation.
  • Distribution / Retail
  • Chemical and Pharmaceutical (including Biotech).
  • Construction and Real Estate
  • Not for Profit
  • Insurance companies 

Key features

At DUAL, we design solutions that are expertly tailored to your needs. Some of the standard building blocks of a D&O policy include:

  • Side A, B, C Cover
  • Emergency Costs
  • Side A Difference-In-Conditions
  • Mitigation Costs
  • Official Investigation Costs
  • Non-Executive Directors Additional Limit of Liability

    Typical additional coverages

    You may need additional coverages beyond what a typical D&O policy has to offer. Typical additional coverages include:

    • Run Off Cover
    • Public Relations Cover
    • Interpretive Counsel
    • Retirement Cover

    Extra protection

    If you need more protection, you can access a variety of solutions through our Financial Lines team, including:

    • Commercial Employment Practice Liability
    • Pension Trustee Liability
    • Public Offering Securities Insurance (POSI)
    • Commercial Crime

      About the team

      The DUAL D&O team is vastly experienced in handling a wide range of commercial D&O risks. 

      Meet the underwriters

      Photo of Basilio Fumagalli


      Basilio Fumagalli
      Head of Commercial D&O
      Photo of Stuart Warner


      Stuart Warner

      Why choose DUAL for D&O?

      Quality claims handling

      Our claims are handled in partnership with the international law firm Kennedy's. Every claim has its own designated claims handler from start to finish, helping to ensure a swift resolution.

      Independent arbitration

      We use independent arbitration wherever possible for quick, quiet settlements.

      Crisis media management to defend your client’s reputation

      Our insureds are connected to crisis communication specialists who help to protect their reputations in the media.

      Efficient service

      We have a simple underwriting process that gets your client the cover they need, fast.

      Flexible underwriting

      We take a flexible and collaborative approach to underwriting. Taking each risk on its own terms, we work hard to find a solution that suits your client’s needs. 

      Here to help

      If you are a broker or other intermediary, please use this form for all general enquiries or call us on +44 (0)20 7337 9888. Please note that DUAL is not authorised to deal directly with customers so please direct any enquiries via your insurance broker.

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